Hours of operation

7 days a week

9:00 am to 5:00 pm


For arrangements

Eddie & Debbie Rucks


Best way to reach us please call



Email Addresses





Adults: $60.00 per person
Ages 15 and under: $35.00 per person
Ages 12 and under: $25.00 per person
Ages 7 and under: $15.00 per person
Children under 5: Free
Campsites: $25.00 per day


Opportunity to mine for Calcite Crystals


Landscape Rocks


Aquarium Rocks


Fossils & Minerals from all over the world


Fresh Free Range Eggs

Kiddie Park



formerly known as Ruck's Pit


New Location

The Fort Drum Crystal Mine is now located at 28320 NE 55TH AVE, OKEECHOBEE FL 34972

2 blocks west and across the street from the former location off 304th Street


Plan on getting wet and dirty!

Tools and water hoses are available


Things needed

There is a bathroom on site so bring clean clothes to change into for the ride home!

Wear old clothes, good sturdy shoes, a hat for shade and a trash bag for your dirty clothes. Bring food, drinking water, chair, a 5 gal bucket, beer flats and newspaper for wrapping your specimens and plan on staying a while



These shells are all classified and catalogued in the book.

 Geology and Paleontology of The Fort Drum Crystal Mine, Okeechobee County, Florida.

Edwin Rucks, Jr. and Taylor Creek Printing Publishers, Okeechobee, Florida

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